TM VBA-Inspector

TM VBA-Inspector
Version 1.45.58

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When coding it's easy to make small mistakes. Usually these errors have no direct effect, the code runs and everything seems to be o.k. That makes this situation so dangerous.

Over the years, you collect a lot of experience when coding. If you later review the code you wrote years ago, you surely will see potential for improvement. When you take over an application someone else has written, the situation becomes even more confusing. Here your success depends on how well your predecessor has complied with the rules and general knowledge.

If you want to gain a quick overview of potential errors you can use the TM VBA-Inspector. This Add-In let's you browse the entire VBA code of an application for potential errors.

Because there are different views about what constitutes an error and what not, you can toggle every single failure in the Options dialog to fine-tune the TM VBA-Inspector to your individual needs and your own coding style.

TM VBA-Inspector provides the following possibilities:


TM VBA-Inspector is an Add-In for the VBA Editor and can be used in Access 2000 and later versions.

Since version 1.45.50 the VBA code in Word, Excel and Powerpoint can also be investigated.

You can find more informations on the use of the TM VBA-Inspector in this article on the Access Team Blog.


This application was created with great care.
However any liability of any kind is excluded.

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Comment # 1: Anti-virus software
Unfortunately, it happens every once in a while that a manufacturer of anti-virus software classifies the TM-VBA inspector as a virus. I can say the following: I have developed the TM VBA-Inspector with great care. Also on my system an anti-virus software is used. Nevertheless - for understandable reasons - I can not express a guarantee to anybody.
My request at this point:
You can help me by telling me which anti-virus software currently classifies the TM VBA Inspector as a virus.
You can continue to support me by contacting the manufacturer of your anti-virus software and asking for an examination of the installation file of the TM VBA Inspector.
This procedure has already been successful several times.
In any case, I thank you at this point - also on behalf of future users - for your support.
Comment # 2: Installation unsuccessful

Unfortunately, the add-in can no longer be installed since the Office 2013 version. The installation stops with an error message. This is because since Office 2013, a DLL that is needed for VB6-based add-ins is no longer automatically installed.
However, if you install the DLL yourself, the TM VBA Inspector will install easily.

Step-by-step guide:
1. Download the DLL:
2. Open the command line and execute the following command:
run regsvr32 C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Designer\MSADDNDR.DLL
3. Start the installer for the TM VBA Inspector
At this point I want to thank A. Bauer for this note.