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Extend Access with Add-Ins


You can extend and customize Access and the VBA development environment by using add-ins. In this way "forgotten features" but also "cool ideas" can be implemented.


  1. My Add-Ins
  2. Other Add-Ins
  3. Books and links

My Add-Ins


        Add-Ins for the VBA-Editor
TM VBA-Inspector 1.45.58 from Acc 2000 Find hidden faults in VBA-Code.
TM ToDoFinder 1.0.7 from Acc 2000 Find ToDo's in VBA-Code.
        Add-Ins for Access
TM Rebuild-Database 1.78 from Acc 2000 Rebuild a corrupt Database.

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Other Add-Ins

        Add-Ins for Access
V-Tools from Acc 97 Collection of useful tools, including "Total deep search"
Access Dependency Checker from Acc 2000 Identify dependencies between Access objects.


        Add-Ins for the VBA-Editor
MZ Tools 3.0 from Acc 2000 Collection of useful tools for the VBA IDE.
Procbrowser from Acc 2000 Browse through the procedures of a module
VBE Tools v2.0 from Acc 2000 Some improvements to the VBA development environment
Smart Indenter v3.5 from Acc 2000 Automate indention of VBA-Code

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Books and links

Developing Visual Basic Add-ins This book describes the possibilities and techniques to develop add-ins for Visual Basic. The content may be applied for the most part to VBA.
Creating Managed Add-Ins for Access 2007 Ken Getz describes in this article how to create a managed add-in for Access 2007.



Microsoft MVP - Thomas Möller

TM Rebuild-Database:
Tool added.
TM VBA-Inspector:
Solution for installation problem added.
TM VBA-Inspector:
Revised installation routine.

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