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TM Rebuild-Database

TM Rebuild-Database
Version 1.78

Sometimes it happens that a database is damaged. You notice this when Access confronts you with strange error messages.
Reports can also be a problem. Here it can happen that the printer settings saved in a report contain an error.
When converting Access 2007 databases down, unknown properties (UnknownProp) are saved. These are suspected to be responsible for Access crashes.

This is where TM-RebuildDatabase comes in:
With this add-in you can create a copy of the currently opened Access database.
All objects are exported as text and imported into the copy of the database.
On this occasion, the printer settings and the unknown properties (UnknownProp) can also be removed.

The application is designed as an add-in for Access 2000 (and higher). So it is possible to use TM-RebuildDatabase in every self-created application.

This application was created with great care.
However any liability of any kind is excluded.

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Up to version 1.75 the add-in was developed by me. Since version 1.77 Ben Sacherich has taken over the further development. 

These are the last enhancements he brought in:

  • Added vbWatchdog 3.8.4.
  • Translated most user messages into English.
  • Added a progress bar.
  • Result box will now show the file size of each object and the total elapsed time when finished.
  • Added a verfication to stop if the VBA password is set, otherwise it would hang.
  • When the rebuild is complete it will ask if you want to open the output folder.
  • If an object fails to load (error 2128) the user will be prompted if they want to continue.
  • It will now keep track of the objects that have errors and when the process is finished it will output this to the result window.

Microsoft MVP - Thomas Möller

TM Rebuild-Database:
Tool added.
TM VBA-Inspector:
Solution for installation problem added.
TM VBA-Inspector:
Revised installation routine.

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